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Posted by jesskroll on April 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Lincoln, 2012

3 / 5

True to its name the film Lincoln is admirable and considerate but distant. Focusing on the political maneuvering around the 13th Amendment makes for an interesting subject, and perhaps would have fit into a more focused movie, but the early scenes of shifting votes and legislative headcounts removed from the title character cause the first half of Lincoln drag to the point that it becomes dull and forgettable. It’s once the pieces are in place that Lincoln, the film and the president, come to life. The contemplation is rewarded with insight and emotion while scenes within the legislature far more dramatic than anything on CSPAN. Daniel Day Lewis once again shows that he is the greatest actor of his generation, far outshining an absolutely stellar cast. It’s his inclusion in fact that makes the film worth watching. Without his portrayal, Lincoln would feel as dull and cold as a stone face on a mountain.

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