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Cloud Atlas

Posted by jesskroll on April 21, 2013 at 9:50 AM

Cloud Atlas, 2012

4 / 5

At first Cloud Atlas feels like a lumbering, disjointed choir, but gradually the lines weave together (at times in insultingly obvious ways) into a grand, ambitious, flawed spectacle. While the ties are seen within thirty minutes, watching where the narratives lead and which are used in concert makes for a surprisingly enjoyable experience, the low stakes retirement house escape story being the greatest let down. The vast majority of the film is gorgeous, making the small percentage that is not standout in sharp contrast. The cross-racial make-up, which causes some weird and on occasion offensive looking people, is particularly detrimental. However this is redeemed by the nicely varied dialogue each actor gets to speak. Although the themes and symbols are abundantly clear, and then repeated throughout, it’s understandable that such a complex undertaking does require some watering down. For a film as ambitious as this, the individual parts are just drops in the ocean.

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