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150 Reviews

Posted by jesskroll on October 30, 2011 at 3:00 PM

In 2008 I started writing reviews of every movie I'd watch. Originally these were short enough to fit into the little box provided by the Flixster application on Facebook but eventually, as the amount of reviews grew, so did the word count.

In 2009, I placed a limit of approximately 150 words on each review, give or take a few, averaging to about 154, broken only by truly remarkable films. Thus the title 150 Reviews.

As of today (October 30, 2011) I'll begin posting all my movie reviews to this page, appearing in order of when they were written (beginning, sadly, with Into the Blue). While more recent reviews generally adhere to the 150-word theme, with the aforementioned exceptions, the earliest reviews are often shorter. Maybe I'll rewrite these, but first I have to watch the movie again, and if I didn't enjoy it the first viewing, I'm not going to waste my time on a second.

In addition to the comments each review includes a numerical rating between .5 and 5: 5 being a flawless film that can in no way ever be improved, 2.5 being entirely average and unremarkable, and .5 (one half) being the most abhorrent, soul-crushing collection of non-sensical images possible, a film so bad you'll wish to have your time refunded, with interest. Generally 1 denotes films with absolutely no admirable qualities, or anything that could even be confused with quality, while .5 is reserved for those that are so bad I wasn't willing to finish. On average, films rate between 3 (decent to good entertainment, high technical competence, C+/B-) and 3.5 (overall very good to just short of greatness, B/B+). Low ratings are less frequent as I'm not going to waste my time on a movie which I expect to dislike. As a general rule, anything over 4 is a recommendation and anything below 2.5 is a skip.

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