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Posted by jesskroll on August 30, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Robocop, 1987

4 / 5

A lot has changed since Robocop’s debut in 1987, what was once an extreme level of gore, to the point of morbid humor, is actually pretty tame. Similarly, its effects and action pacing are badly dated. Nonetheless, the inclusion of social satire, in the form of bizarre commercials for nuclear board games, comments on gentrification and capitalism and the still-prescient idea of corporations privatizing city police (which is presently happening with some fire departments, to the detriment of the area), allow Robocop to remain a compelling piece of speculative science fiction instead of an outdated action movie. The action and story are quite slow in comparison to modern standards, but there is still a certain sick humor and Robo’s gradual re-transformation into Murphy makes for great, emotive viewing. Like its namesake, Robocop has a sleek and tough exterior, masking a deeper, more humane core. While its surface has weakened what’s inside remains solid.

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