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Posted by jesskroll on September 2, 2012 at 5:25 AM

Visioneers, 2008

4 / 5

Visioneers establishes its bizarre world from the first scene: single-finger salutes, minute-by-minute workweek countdowns, and a co-worker who plays Russian roulette to keep from exploding. This is fortunate as dispensing the silliness as quickly as possible allows the rest of its quirks to be seen dark satire and not pure ridiculousness. Of the two central conceits – that a monolithic corporation has become so powerful it’s taken over the government, and that a plague of human explosions has petrified the populous – one feels startlingly relevant (especially considering recent American court decisions and one party’s obsession with privatization) while the other appears farfetched. Yet once examined, both are equally pertinent. Within this Brazil-like crushing bureaucracy is George Washington’s direct descendant, whom Galifianakis  plays with the deadpan earnestness, highlighted by hilarious yet emotive breakdowns. It’s a shame he’ll always be more famous as the chubby doofus from Hangover. Visioneers is odd, yet oddly relevant and thoroughly enjoyable.

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